Food x Food

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Food x Food is a game that a friend and I developed inspired by food, the food is represented as apples in the version. The game mechanic is basically a flying box robot is in constant need of food in order to survive in the game world. As time passes by, a hunger meter is present and is slowly getting filled; this hunger meter determines if the player survives or not by the time the given time runs out.


The setting is in a series of floating islands that are inhabited by living cannons which have a sole purpose of destroying all the edible food once you are close enough to consume them, the goal is then to be able to devour as many food objects as possible and get enough points higher than 375 in order to be deemed worthy of survial.


The cannons are scattered almost everywhere near the food supplies so it is important for the player to have fast control over the character’s movements before the complicated maneuvers of the cannons’ magic amo destroy all the food within the world map.

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