Hybrid Reality Space Adventure

Hybrid Space Reality Space Adventure is an explorative experience that my teammates
Chris, Roman, and I have made as our thesis.

The project revolves heavily around mixing virtual reality and physical reality. It makes use of the Oculus Rift as well as a built real life emulation of a cockpit. The Oculus Rift is made to map the physical cockpit as well as a chair placed inside. When mapped, the camera will detect the player and the locations within the virtual world will be in synced with the physical space in the real world. This makes a seemingly realistic blend of both worlds and an experience of one will end up being inseparable with the other. The goal is to further immerse the player through the use of these tactics.

My part of the project, however, has been more connected to the actual mechanics of the virtual world. My part of this joint thesis revolves around the idea of making the virtual world permanently affected by certain changes done to them by players. One main element that I included in the thesis  is the element of permanence. I believe that having players die permanently in game, leaving permanent objects such as bullets shells behind, and etc. can improve gameplay experience of the players.

I made it so that when players die, the spaceships that they ride will be left broken down within the game world. This will leave a permanent mark and future players will be able to see the legacy or the remnants of the players that played before them. This encourages empathy between players as even if their adventures within the virtual world vary, they all share the same experiences.