No Escape

No Escape

No Escape is a solo game project that was made in the style of two dimensional movements but with 3d graphics.

The game was inspired by themes from the far east, specifically in Japan. The gameplay starts of with the user having to navigate around the octagon cage while ninja throwing stars are being summoned towards the player’s direction.

The ninja stars can be reflected back inside to the opposite direction once touching the octagon walls, this makes it more difficult for the player as they would gave to avoid the same individual projectile twice or more times.

The player can also use the game’s sound recognition system to destroy actually destroy the ninja stars if it is loud enough. This can be done by shouting to the console.

The player would have to avoid these ninja stars, the longer the player avoids them to stay alive, the more points the player will be able to accumulate. Each 10 seconds that pass by equates to getting 1 point.

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