Remnith formed out of a game development partnership between me and 3 enthusiastic and talented friends Chris, Nick, and Roman.

The game is set in an imaginary underground world that has been completely run over by alien technology like life-forms.

As the player progresses further towards the story, more of these troublesome obstacles will get in the path way of the player. The player starts off as having a gun that can shoot laser bullets as a main offensive attack.

There is, however, a twist in this simple game mechanic. Should actually be careful to not to miss their shots. If the players miss and the bullets hit any part of the map, more of the same monsters will be summoned to attack the player. The more shots you take, the greater the danger is so more is actually less in this game.

Remnith is designed for VR.

There processes were quite extensive. The majority of my part was to program certain enemy attacks and/or behaviours as well as programming visual effects and sound effects into the game. I made sure that all fit well with each other and only activate when needed.

Remnith is now available on Steam and Game Jolt.

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