Project Description and Concept:

When I was brainstorming for ideas for this assignment, one of the things that popped in my mind was to make a game that can exercise people’s multi-tasking skill or their collaborative skills. The game that I came up with had heavy influences of either having to do 2 things at the same time while keeping in mind all the cautious actions needed in order to win the game. The concept behind this game is that players are supposed to shoot water from one object (blue rectangular shape that resembles a tip of a hose) to extinguish the flames approaching downwards to the player’s location, the fire extinguisher is controlled by using the mouse for navigation and the left mouse click for shooting.



Figure 1. Fireball


Each flame extinguished adds 1 point to the player’s overall score. The flames’ speed is also dependent on the time in milliseconds since the game started, so each millisecond only fastens the speed of the flames making it more difficult for the player to succeed. Now that is not the only thing the player has to do; the player also has to collect coins using a given red box, the box can be controlled through the keyboard’s arrow keys, the box has to collect coins which add an additional 5 points each of the total score. Although, the player has to be aware that only 1 out of 10 possible coins actually add those 5 points. They player will know if they were able to collect the right one if all the coins’ location has been reset to a different coordinate and when they see an additional 5 points in the their score upon contact with a coin, this game involves searching for points instead of knowing where it is right from the start.



Figure 2. Coin


Another obstacle for the game is all about the random poison that is everywhere throughout the whole game canvas just like the coins, these skull looking poison signs deduct 25 points of a player’s score as soon as they get in contact with them.


Figure 3. Poison



Figure 4. Labeled Play of Game


There are also different movie endings depending if you did badly, OK, or good in the game (some are scary and some are funny). The game ends at the maximum playtime of 1 minute and 30 seconds; the reason behind this is because the game playtime is dependent on the background music playing throughout the gameplay. When the song stops, whatever score you had will be final and will determine if you get the good movie endings or the bad ones. The game was fully coded from a program called processing (JavaScript).



Figure 5. Bad Ending Scene


Process Notes and Conclusion:

The game really started out with of pretty plane. I basically had 1 one square that was able to move around. So I really added a lot of objects but made them have different functions. The coins were coded separately from one another instead of being looped for creation. I also used collision in order to be used in getting points and deduction of points in game. The objects that affect the game are also generated at random coordinates within the map but change once the effect they have has been delivered per turn. So when one poison has been hit and the player already received point reduction, all the poison icons shift their location, not just the one that got touched. The coding part needed a lot of imagination and trial and error sequence when I was making it. There were some ideas that I had to find alternatives to because it was difficult for me to pursue them within a short amount of time left, like my original plan was to have the poisons and the coins to be moving constantly all around while still being able to give and reduce points upon contact, the problem was that I think when the objects were moving, the system was not reading the new coordinates from point A to B that I set for collision. In the project’s entirety, I am personally very happy with the overall final outcome of the game within a week spent programming it. I believe that it could have been made better if more sprites and effects have been added? But I really think that I was able to finish what I had envisioned my game to be and made it into something that everyone can play and enjoy with.

Link to Github code:

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