Skquirm is a video game title that was created by my seven other teammates and I as a part of a school project. This game was made within 8 weeks of development time.

Whenever there is a dispute between cockroaches and their colonies, the two parties beseech the great wisdom of the cockroach king…

His Immenseness’ ruling?

Torrential Combat!

The act of torrential combat takes place in the holy “Toilesseum”, where all politics are set aside for clashes between great colourful warriors.

Fighters ride the most “advanced” vehicles in wave riding technology as a means of aquatic travel.

Skquirm is a multi player battle royal game. Up to 4 players take control of cockroaches and try to outscore the other players in a limited timespan, in levels like toilets and sewers. The players can use item, divided in 3 classes.

The environment also present hazards for the players depending on which of the 3 stages the battle takes place, falling objects, whirlpools and mines present other possibilities for the players to maneuver against each other.

Skquirm can be played both on the keyboard and USB controller.