To Be Free

To Be Free is an exploration based experience that will take you through a journey along the life of the Philippine revolutionary hero, Jose Rizal.

The world is set in a maze that have different objects that set triggers to user interfaces when the player gets close enough. The user interfaces have information regarding the specific object it corresponds with as well as an image that greatly represent the content of the text. All of the information follow through the life of Jose Rizal and his time during the Spanish colonization era of the Philippines.

At the start, only one object will be accessible while the others will be locked in the maze, there will be no choice for the player but to have to do the maze by finding the next object to unlock, one after another. After one object gets triggered with a user interface popping up showing information, boulders blocking the pathway to the rest of the objects will be destroyed and therefore will make them accessible. The player will also have a limited time of survival and that is why they have to go through the maze not more than six minutes as they will end up suffocating from the maze’s atmosphere.

Trigger Objects > Gather Information > Survive > Free Yourself From The Maze

Game Mac Download Link (Windows version coming soon)